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Brands of the Global Cosmed Group:

Apart Natural - bodywash cosmetics based on natural extracts of plants  from all around the world. Brand consists of product lines (for men and women) varied in terms of features and recipes, including series of innovative cosmetics with prebiotics. For more information visit www.apartnatural.eu and www.apartformen.eu. » see products
Creamy Shower Gel - Silk & Jasmine

Silk and Jasmin - moisturizing & nutrition. Intensively moisturizing shower gel Apart Natural contains natural extracts from silk and jasmine flower. Silk moisturizes the skin and makes it exceptionally soft, while jasmine strengthens it and soothes irritations.

Capacity: 400 ml

bobini baby - a series of skin care products for babies that can be used from the first days of life. Products contain soft protective substances, which are moisturizing and soothing the skin. Products does not contain  substances that can cause irritations. Bobini Baby skin care have a pH of 5.5 - adapted to the natural pH of the skin. Brand is complemented by washing products and fabric softeners. For more information visit www.bobini.eu » see products
Lipid body & hair wash

The hypoallergenic formula of bobini baby body & hair wash with lipids gently washes the skin and hair of your baby while at the same caring for them. Oat extract contains lipids – the most important component of the skin. Prebiotic restores skin balance thus protects it from harmful, external factors. Gentle conditioning ingredients make combing of delicate baby hair easy. Additionally, we enriched the recipe with precious lipids from sunflower oil and ingredients of natural origin which soothe irritations and moisturize the skin.

❤ gently washes and cares for the skin
❤ moisturizes and soothes irritations
❤ does not sting the eyes
❤ makes combing hair easy
❤ with ingredients of natural origin
❤ pH skin neutral

Capacity: 300 ml

Bobini are bodywash cosmetics for children, recommended to be used from the first year of life. Colorful packaging and fruity scents make the daily bath is even more fun. The range also includes products for dental hygiene. For more information visit www.bobini.pl www.bobini.de
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